Bye bye pills.
Hello vitamin gummies.

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Why pop pills when you can enjoy Yummygums? Your daily vitamins in a delicious gummy.

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  • 100% vegan, free of allergens and artificial additives.

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What’s your gummy of choice?

Yummygums Multi Plus

  • Complete multivitamin
  • High dosage of vitamin B12, D and C

Yummygums Hair & Beauty

  • Complete beauty vitamin for hair, skin and nails

What are Yummygums?
Vitamins in a tasty gummy

Yummygums are vitamins in the form of a gummy.

  • For those looking to treat themselves.
  • For the whole family: young and old.
  • For those who live a dynamic lifestyle.
  • For those who occasionally miss a healthy meal.
  • For hard workers and healthy pleasure-seekers.

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Why Yummygums?
To treat yourself to a new good habit

Oversized pills and their infamous aftertaste are a thing of the past. Yummygums are chewable and come in irresistibly natural fruit flavours. Treat yourself to our tasty gummies wherever and whenever you fancy. You’ll be too busy looking forward to your next sweet treat to forget your vitamins – and your body will thank you for it!


More than 80,000 bottles sold
3000+ monthly Yummygummers

199 Independent reviews

Bold and fruity
Quality and taste

At Yummygums, we develop gummies with care and attention to your body and needs. We select the best composition of vitamins and minerals and combine these with natural colours and flavours in a vegan pectin gummy. Our recipe for success to guarantee the delicious taste you know and love.

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Choose the Yummygums that align with your lifestyle. Select a single or combined subscription to receive a discount. When the bottom is in sight, your new bottle is already at hand!

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Determine your frequency

Determine how often you’d like to receive your Yummygums: monthly or quarterly. Be an environmental champ and go for our sustainable quarterly delivery option to reduce packaging and delivery mileage.


You’re the boss!

Need to pause or stop your subscription without notice? No problem! You’re free to manage your subscription within your account as well as view your scheduled deliveries and invoices.

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