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Vitaminegoals? We got you.

Taking care of yourself was never so yummy! There, we said it. Yummygums give you that extra push. For your resistance. Strong, thick hair. Or a healthy pregnancy.

You get sufficient vitamins when you eat healthily. But we don’t always manage that (hello French Fries Friday). Did you know that less than 10% of Dutch consume the recommended daily amount of essential nutrients? (source: RIVM) But don’t worry, Yummygums help keep your vitamin intake at a healthy level.

“Oh, I really feel like taking a vitamin pill.” No one ever says that. You literally snack away on our vitamin gummies every day. That way it’s easy to keep up good habits. A treat for you and your body.

Got jars of vitamins collecting dust in the cupboard? What a shame! You won’t find Yummygums amongst them. Much too yummy. Even your children will ask for them every day. Trust us.

Haar vitamine gummies - multivitamine gummies - Yummygums

More than 270,000
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Vitamins for daily support

hair growth gummies with biotin


Power boost for hair, skin and nails.


Essential vitamins for mums-to-be


Special multivitamin for kids

Vegan Omega-3

Plant-based DHA with no fish taste


For daily energy support

Haar vitamine gummies - multivitamine gummies - Yummygums

What’s your vitamin match?

You’re unique – with your own vitamin needs. Whatever that is, we have a gummie that’s right for you. These are our fans’ favourites:

Isabella (26)

“Sweets and being fit go well together”.

Isabella is a dance teacher and dances just about all the time. Multi+ keeps her fit in an easy and tasty way.

Vitamine B12 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin B12
Extra energy in case of fatigue

Vitamine D3 - Multivitamine - Yummygums

Vitamin D3
Supports muscle functioning

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin C
Good for the immune system

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Stephanie (27)

“My hair was bleached to death, now it’s alive again.”

Dancer Stephanie’s hair was exhausted. But now it grows strong and healthy, and she looks in the mirror with full self-confidence.

Biotine - Haar - Yummygums

Promotes hair growth and keeps it strong and shiny

Vitamine D3 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Supports good hair condition

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Bamboo Extract
Rich source of silicon for hair

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Brando (31)

“They’re too tasty to forget.”

Brando is a nurse and often gets up early. He takes his gummies just before he leaves for work to make a good start to the day.

Vitamine B12 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin B12
Extra energy in case of fatigue

Vitamine D3 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin D3
Supports muscle functioning

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamin C
Good for your immune system

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Aisa (36) en Nia (0)

“Mum happy and healthy, baby happy and healthy.”

Aisa started taking Mommy before she became pregnant. That way she cared well for herself and Nia, before, during and after the pregnancy.

Foliumzuur - Mommy - Yummygums

Folic acid
Contributes to development of placenta and baby

Vitamine D3 - Mommy - Yummygums

Vitamin D3
For the development of bone formation

Vitamine B12 - Mommy - Yummygums

Vitamin B12
Maintains your energy level

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Boaz (9) en Micah (6)

“We are really pleased when Mum yells, ‘vitamins!’”.

Boaz and Micah get their daily vitamin supplements with Kids. A treat for the kids, and for their parents too.

Vitamine B12 - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamine B12
Extra energy in case of fatigue

Vitamine D3 - Kinder vitamine - Yummygums

Vitamine D3
For strong bones and teeth

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

Vitamine C
Good for the immune system

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and natural

We love quality and care. That’s why Yummygums are produced in Germany under the highest quality and production standards. They are allergy-free, 100% vegan and contain no artificial fragrances, colourings, or flavourings. Perfect for every lifestyle, vega and vegan too.

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Together we build a healthier world. We believe that good health should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we collaborate with Vitamin Angels and make a donation to them from each Yummygums order. Vitamin Angels supports children and pregnant women all over the world who run the risk of lacking nutrients.
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