Yummygums are delicious sweets in a vitamin gummie - suitable for women, men and children

Life is fun. Your vitamins should be too.

Yummygums add a bit of fun to your health-conscious lifestyle!

Our gummies taste great and make taking your daily vitamins a treat – for you and your health. Our gummies are vegan, free of all artificial additives and produced with superior ingredients. Loads of goodness packed into a gummy.

Vitamins for your skin, hair and nails & multi vitamins for the young ones and the elder ones

Delicious gummies
Good-bye pills

Large pills or drops with a nasty aftertaste are a thing of the past. Add a dash of fruity fun to your life with Yummygums. You’re free to treat yourself to our tasty gummies wherever and whenever you fancy.

  • For those who choose to spoil themselves.
  • For the whole family: young and old.
  • For those who lead a dynamic lifestyle.
  • For those who occasionally miss a healthy meal.
  • For hard workers and healthy go-getters.

Developed with care and attention

Just like you, we know that nothing is as important as our health and the health of our family and friends. We want to feel great about ourselves, have enough energy to do the things we love, and do what we can to ensure a healthy mind and body. We believe that the right vitamins and minerals can help us to achieve just that. With this in mind, we launched our first vitamin, the Multi Plus. We are also dedicated to the development of new gummies to cater to your individual needs with corresponding active ingredients.

We work closely with multiple experts to develop our gummies. When we have an idea for new Yummygums to cater to your unique needs, we go straight to the experts. A recipe emerges with perfect balance of ingredients to help you get (and stay) where you want to be in life. Our gummies are then extensively tested in the lab to ensure exceptional taste, composition and structure. Once we’ve perfected our newest creation, it’s time to launch production!

We work exclusively with high-grade vitamins, minerals and ingredients which are drawn from natural sources, wherever possible. You won’t find any artificial colours or flavours, just a deliciously healthy treat that’s also free of animal by-products – 100% vegan! We achieve our delightful gummy texture, for example, with vegan pectin (extracted from fruits and vegetables) rather than gelatin. Yummygums are also free of allergens so that everyone can safely enjoy their daily dose of Yum!

We take your health seriously. With a dedicated team of quality and regulatory experts, production is strictly monitored to safeguard quality and safety throughout each phase. It goes without saying that Yummygums meet and exceed all regulations for food and nutritional supplements.

We work exclusively with parties which satisfy our strict transparency, traceability and documentation requirements. Our products are manufactured in an environment that is closely monitored by certification authorities. Our bundle of certifications includes IFS (International Featured Standards) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificates. An analysis is conducted following each production run, and the quantities of each vitamin and mineral are determined in the lab to ensure that the gummies contain the quantities promised on the label.

Quality and attention to detail are at the forefront of everything we do at Yummygums. Not only for our delicious gummies but also for their packaging. You’ll find your gummies in packaging that is as safe as it is fun and colourful. All our bottles feature childproof lids to keep out little hands looking for more gummy goodness. We also top the bottles with an air-tight seal directly after filling to guarantee optimum quality and safety.

We hope to replace our current packaging with an eco-friendly (plastic-free) version in the near future to reduce our environmental footprint. We keep a keen eye on packaging developments and are still awaiting a high-quality alternative that satisfies the strict requirements for nutritional supplement packaging.

Tip: In the spirit of sustainability, we recommend going for a quarterly subscription. You’ll receive your three-month supply each quarter. Fewer delivery trips and less packaging – go green!

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