Vegan vitamine gummies voor iedereen

Vegan and 100% natural

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

13 vitamins and minerals Ingrediënts

Lekker en gezonde vitamine gummies

Tasty and healthy

Bevat slechts 8 kcal

Only 9 kcal

Also for sale at Etos and 800 professional hair salons

Yummygums Hair

The gummy for strong, long and full hair. With biotin, selenium and bamboo extract to make you shine.

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· Hair growth support for longer hair 💁‍♀️
· Stronger hair and prevention of hair breakage
· Healthy and full hair with a natural shine
· Stronger nails and prevention of cracking
· Nourishing the skin from within

Starting at the roots, that doesn't sound so crazy, does it? Taking care of your hair starts from the inside out with the right vitamins and minerals. Yummygums Hair is full of beauty boosters including biotin, selenium and bamboo extract. With 2 gummies per day, you support hair growth and keep the hair strong and shiny. But that's not all, you also care for and nourish the skin and its regenerative capacity. Finally, you also support the condition of your nails.

A customer survey (2020) has shown that more than 80% of Hair users see a difference in their hair, skin or nails. For optimal results, take the gummies for at least 3 months. After month 1 you will see the first effect in the hardness of the nails and reduction of cracks or brittleness. Only after 3 months you can properly assess the effects on the hair in shine, fullness and hair growth.

· Contains 60 gummies (30 daily doses)
· 2 gummies per day.
· Don't need to be taken with water or meals.

Vegan vitamine gummies voor iedereen

Vegan and 100% natural

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

13 vitamins and minerals Ingrediënts

Lekker en gezonde vitamine gummies

Tasty and healthy

Bevat slechts 8 kcal

Only 9 kcal

Also for sale at Etos and 800 professional hair salons

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Grow strong, long and full hair
Support your hair

13 vitamins and minerals.
Supports your hair growth with the production of cells and tissues and stimulates blood circulation.

Hair is made from natural colourings and flavourings sourced from plants. The colouring comes from carrot juice concentrate and black currant fruit juice concentrate, the fresh sweet flavour comes from raspberries.

Yummygums are vegan and do not contain animal gelatin as a binding agent, but pectin (peel from fruit 🍎 and vegetables). They are also free from gluten, lactose, seeds and nuts, and have a halal certification.

Our gummies are produced in Germany, under the close supervision of certification bodies. We cooperate with a team of quality and regulatory experts to safeguard quality and safety in every production phase. Yummygums has an IFS (guarantee of food safety) and GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices).

De haarvitamine gummie vol vitamine en mineralen

Biotin (B8)

3000 mcg

Bamboe Extract

Bamboo Extract

18 mg



28 mcg

Vitamine C

Vitamin C

32 mg

Vitamine E

Vitamin E

13,2 mg


Vitamin B3

14,4 mg


Pantothenic Acid

5 mg

Vitamine B6

Vitamin B6

2,2 mg

Foliumzuur - B11

Folic acid (B11)

270 mcg

Vitamine B12

Vitamin B12

6,3 mcg



3 mg



40 mcg

More than 270,000 bottles sold

Het haar vitamine abonnement - Yummygums
Haar vitamines

”I saw the first results in my nails in the first month. They grew quickly and became harder. Now after 3 months I can also see it in my hair: new baby hair is growing in and it has more volume. I’m a fan!” – Esther

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from Yummygums Hair & Beauty?

Yummygums Hair & Beauty adds all essential vitamins and nutrients to your diet that your body needs to nourish your hair, skin and nails. Our unique formula ensures beautiful, healthy and better-growing hair, radiant skin and better-growing and stronger nails.

Yummygums Hair & Beauty supports hair growth and keeps your hair strong and shiny. It reduces hair loss thanks to strengthened hair roots and increases keratin production, which contributes to full, shiny locks.

Yummygums Hair & Beauty nourishes the skin from the inside out and promotes skin regeneration. It also boosts collagen production for firmer skin.

Yummygums Hair & Beauty hardens and strengthens the nail and cuticle and accelerates nail growth.

The effects on the nail are visible to most Yummygummers following the first month. For the skin and hair, it takes a little longer for most users to achieve visible results. These results are often visible around the second and third month. For optimal results, we recommend using Yummygums Hair & Beauty daily for at least three months. There is no need to take a break after these 3 months, you can continue to enjoy your gummies daily.

Many Yummygummers notice accelerated hair growth, but it’s difficult to gather precise data as the results vary from person to person. In addition to stimulating hair growth, our gummies also give your hair added volume, shine and resilience.

No, this is not dangerous if you observe the recommended daily dose of 2 gummies. Vitamins can be categorised into water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. If an excess amount is consumed, water-soluble vitamins will not be absorbed and will simply leave your body as urine. Vitamin B8 (biotin) is a water-soluble vitamin. Everything the body does not need is urinated out and is therefore harmless. There are currently no known adverse effects of a high intake of vitamin B8, which is why authorities have not set an upper limit for biotin intake.

Our Yummygums contain a complete range of vitamins and minerals proven to contribute to the improvement of your skin. This includes vitamin B6, vitamin C and Zinc. These vitamins are also associated with a reduction in acne in various studies. Unfortunately, there is no convincing scientific evidence for this (yet).
These core vitamins are found in both Yummygums Multi Plus and Yummygums Hair & Beauty. Yummygums Hair & Beauty also contains other vitamins to promote healthy skin.

Not to worry, Yummygums Hair & Beauty is designed to support hair growth on the scalp. It will not affect other body hair, as this is regulated by your hormone system. 😉