Vegan vitamine gummies voor iedereen

100% vegan

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

17 vitamines
en mineralen

Lekker en gezonde vitamine gummies

Lekker en

Bevat slechts 8 kcal

8 kcal

Also available at Etos and 100+ local health food shops

Yummygums Multi+

The yummiest multivitamin. Fruity gummies for young and old, with extra vitamin C, D3 and B12.

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· Boosts Immunity 💪
· Supplies extra energy in case of tiredness and fatigue
· Supports muscle functioning
· Contributes to maintaining strong bones and teeth

You need vitamins and minerals every day. That way you stay healthy and maintain good resistance. It begins with a healthy and varied diet, but not everyone manages that all the time. That's why our Multi+ is the perfect supplement for your daily diet. Then you know for sure you're taking in sufficient vitamins and minerals.

· Contains 120 gummies. (30-60 daily doses)
· Adults: 4 gummies per day max.
· Children 3 to 12 years: 2 gummies per day max.
· Tip: spread them over the day to spread your enjoyment.
· Don't need to be taken with water or meals.

Get health. Give health. For every bottle you purchase, we donate to Vitamin Angels to supply one child or pregnant woman in need with essential vitamins and minerals.

Vegan vitamine gummies voor iedereen

100% vegan

Vitamine C - Multi+ - Yummygums

17 vitamines
en mineralen

Lekker en gezonde vitamine gummies

Lekker en

Bevat slechts 8 kcal

8 kcal

Also available at Etos and 100+ local health food shops

Support your health with Multi+ gummies
Tasty and easy

17 vitamins and minerals.
Support your resistance, good for the muscles and gives extra energy in case of tiredness.

Multi+ is made from natural colourings and flavourings sourced from plants. The colouring comes from carrot juice concentrate and black currant concentrate, the fresh sweet flavour comes from cherries and raspberries.

Yummygums are vegan and have pectin (from skins of fruit 🍎 and vegetables) as binding agent instead of animal gelatine. They are also free from gluten, lactose, seeds and nuts, and have a halal certification.


Our gummies are produced in Germany under the close supervision of certification bodies. We collaborate with a team of quality and regulatory experts to safeguard quality and safety in every production phase. Yummygums has an IFS (guarantee of food safety) and GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices).

De vitamine gummie vol vitamine en mineralen
Vitamine B12

Vitamin B12

20 mcg

Vitamine D3

Vitamin D3

30 mcg

Vitamine A

Vitamin A (RE)

264 mcg

Thiamine (B1)

Thiamin (B1)

1,1 mg


Niacin (B3)

12 mg


Pantothenic acid (B5)

6 mg

Vitamine B6

Vitamin B6

1,4 mg


Biotin (B8)

25 mcg

Foliumzuur - B11

Folic acid (B11)

200 mcg

Vitamine C

Vitamin C

80 mg

Vitamine E

Vitamin E

12 mg

Vitamine K1

Vitamin K1

25 mcg



12 mcg



75 mcg



15,3 mcg



5 mg



30 mcg

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More than 230,000 sold bottles

Goede multivitamine voor iedereen
Goede multivitamine voor iedereen en voor elk moment

“I really like taking extra vitamins to make me feel good. I did that faithfully for a week, and then I’d forget. These gummies are my solution! They are so delicious that every day I look forward to taking them”. – Renate


Frequently asked questions

Yummygums Multi Plus is the first gummy vitamin in the Netherlands with such a high level of superior-grade nutrients. With 17 vitamins and minerals, it’s a complete multivitamin for young and old. Gone are the days of popping multiple pills each day, you can now enjoy four tasty gummies (or two for kids) to get your daily dose of essential vitamins. No more forgetting to take your vitamins, you’ll be looking forward to your next gummy. 😉

A healthy diet is essential, there’s no doubt about it. Many people think that they eat well each day, while they may be missing certain vitamins. A Dutch food consumption poll issued by the RIVM showed that only a small percentage of the population consumed the recommended 250 grams of vegetables and 2 portions of fruits each day. There’s a good chance then that you’re missing a few vitamins and minerals from your daily diet. Additionally, nearly 60% of the population has a vitamin D deficiency during the winter months. It’s during the dark days of winter that our gummies are a welcome ray of sunshine!

Yes, absolutely! Children love our gummies just as much as adults do. It’s a fun and easy way to get your child to take her vitamins. No fuss with drops or unpleasant pills, just a tasty treat to look forward to! Children older than 12 years may take the adult dose of four gummies per day. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 may take two gummies per day. We advise against giving Yummygums to children under the age of three. Most physicians agree that there is an increased risk of choking until the age of three years, which is why we also adhere to this warning and advise against the use of Yummygums for children under three years. Our bottles also feature a childproof lid.

No, as long as you observe the daily recommended dosage, they are not dangerous.
Vitamins can be categorised into water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins. If you consume excess water-soluble vitamins, they will not be absorbed and will be expelled via urine. Vitamin B12 is an exception to this rule. It is the only water-soluble vitamin for which your body makes a ‘reserve supply’. This is a relatively small supply of 2 to 5 milligrams in (mainly) the liver. This level is not harmful. If excessive amounts are consumed, the body will limit the absorption of vitamin B12. According to the Nutrition Centre, there are no undesirable effects reported in people who ingested excess vitamin B12 for an extended period.
Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin and has the potential to be harmful in excessive quantities. However, an excess of vitamin D3 could only occur under exceptional circumstances. Yummygums contain a dose of vitamin D3 of 30 mcg, which remains well below the acceptable upper limit. The acceptable upper limit of vitamin D intake for adults and children from 11 years of age is 100 micrograms per day. For children from 1 to 10 years, this safe limit is set to 50 micrograms per day.

Much is written about vitamin B6. When developing our products, we always follow the advice provided by the Health Council of the Netherlands and the Dutch Nutrition Centre Voedingscentrum). The Dutch Nutrition Centre indicated that vitamin B6 can be harmful if supplements containing more than 21 milligrams of vitamin B6 are taken daily. Yummygums Multi Plus contains only 1.4 milligrams, and our gummies are at a safe distance from this harmful limit.

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