Growth Hacker

(Fulltime, Amsterdam)

Life is fun. So should be your vitamins

Stop reading this and go to your kitchen cabinet. Go ahead, we’ll wait… So? How many vitamins do you see in there that you don’t take? What a pity! Two years ago we set out to change this. We want to make sure that taking vitamins becomes easy, fun and tasty! In the US you can find vitamin gummies in every household, now let’s bring vitamin gummies to Europe!

Yummygums proves that working on a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be annoying or boring. No more big, fat pills, but all the vitamins you are looking for in one tasty gummy! Yummygums is shaking up the dusty old-fashioned vitamin industry with a new way to take your vitamins – fun, young and delicious! Yummygums are vegan, made with natural ingredients and sold through our own webshop, marketplaces and (online) resellers. But we don’t just sell vitamin gummies – we are building a brand from scratch. Let’s make vitamins fun again!

Life is fun. So should be your work.

Yummygums is a digital D2C-brand and it’s your job to guarantee that everyone who visits our website orders gummies or enrolls in a subscription-plan. And keeps coming back for more! As our Growth Hacker you will get all the freedom and responsibility you need to succeed and have fun. 

Our Growth Team is divided into three segments: Performance, Conversion, Retention. As our Growth Hacker you will mainly work within Conversion and Retention. Our performance team is responsible for traffic to our website and you will make sure this traffic is fully utilised.  It should be no surprise that you will do all of this through the creation, optimization and  management of campaigns, landing pages and email flows and therefore you will work closely together with our performance team (focus on online traffic). For our A/B testing you will work closely together with our inhouse performance designer. We have big plans for 2021 meaning that we are expanding our business to two new markets within Europe. It’s up to you to find all the local conversion challenges and to translate them to a local website experience and email flows. 

Just to have some pointers: 

  • Managing funnels and landing pages 
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative customer research
  • Analytics tasks (hotjar, google analytics)
  • Managing A/B tests (google optimize) and directing IT/dev. for more complex A/B tests
  • Managing and building of Klaviyoh mailing-flows 
  • Localisation of our website, campaigns and email flows within new markets


Life is fun. So are you.

So now you have a good insight in the Growth Hacking role and the job specs. Equally important to us is who you are. We are looking for someone who is fun to work with. You seek freedom and take responsibility – and a responsibility it will be! You have an entrepreneurial mind-set and you are looking to experiment and execute. You want to grow! Not only our business, but also yourself. As our business grows, you grow along with it and take up more and more ownership and leadership. You see opportunities everywhere and boldness is what got you here in the first place. Ideally you have:

  • 4+ years experience as Growth Hacker, Growth Marketeer, Digital Marketeer or a similar role. 
  • Experience within a start up/D2C/e-commerce company.
  • Experimenting is your second nature and you’re not afraid to fail. That’s part of the deal.
  • You’re a native Dutch speaker and your English language skills are excellent.
  • Data is what’s driving you, but you also have a proven and strong brand feeling.
  • Basic coding skills (for A/B testing) are a pre.

Not convinced yet and want to try our gummies first? No problem! Send us your address and we’ll send some goodies your way! Excited? Please send us your application 🙂

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